Billie Lourd remembers mom Carrie Fisher on her birthday


Actress Billie Lourd is remembering her late mother Carrie Fisher on what would have been her 66th birthday.

Lourd, who is Fischer’s only child, shared an adorable throwback photo of the two of them when Lourd was a child and wrote in a caption on Instagram the grief she experienced over the past six years since her mother’s death , shared it. talked about. what have you learned?

“I woke up this morning feeling like I should write some long grief advice captions like I know what the f— I’m talking about. But then I realized that after six years I had no formula There wasn’t or even a map of what to do in days like this,” Lourd wrote. “You can never be an expert in grief. It’s forever changing—the ultimate shaper.”

“You never feel like you know exactly what to do or what to feel,” she said. “And that’s okay. Whatever you feel is fine. Sending my love to all the mourners (Yet another Billie Lourd petition to make it a real word. You’re not alone.”

Fischer was 60 when he died unexpectedly on December 27, 2016, after suffering a cardiac arrest. His mother, actress Debbie Reynolds, died of a stroke the next day.

Since then, Lourd has spoken openly on social media about how she coped with the loss of her mother, whom she called “Momby” and her grandmother, and shared how she had dealt with the grief.

She also continues to honor and share her legacy: Last year, Lorde, who is mother to 1-year-old son Kingston Fisher Lord Riddell, shared an Instagram photo of Kingston, depicting Fisher in “Star Wars: Episode IV.” is shown. Is shown. revealed. Was seen as Princess Leia. – a new Hope.”


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