Brian Kelly shirt goes viral after LSU dominates Ole Miss


Ole Miss came into Saturday’s showdown against LSU, widely regarded as one of the best college football teams in the country.

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By comparison, the Tigers were universally acknowledged as a group in the midst of a down year.

Who made the final result and how the two teams got there is even more surprising.

Not only did Brian Kelly beat Len Kiffin – but he dominated him. In the second quarter and beyond, it wasn’t much of a game.

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Later, an interesting tidbit went viral on social media, as did an inflammatory video of Kelly’s daughter last week.

In late January of this year, Kiffin mocked Kelly for starring in the now infamous dance video

Well, after Saturday’s complete debacle, the LSU football Twitter account issued a response.

The shirt Kelly is wearing is incredible

In the “no rat poison” reference, Kiffin stole Alabama head coach Nick Saban’s catchphrase about the media filling people’s heads with a sense of false greatness.

The booty goes to the winner, and Kelly definitely emerged the winner from this weekend’s battle. LSU going on a 42-3 run to close out the game is absolutely mind-boggling. Especially considering that Ole Miss started out with a 17–3 lead.

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saw at that time.

After a horrendous first week loss to Florida State, the Tigers were looking to mature. From that point forward most expected a particularly humiliating season. Tennessee’s loss was to be expected, but even a 27-point blowout isn’t the most respectable way to go out.

Other than those two contests though – LSU is looking pretty good. Much better than what was expected of them.

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Obviously the show has gone viral so far this year for the off-the-field stuff, like the fans cheering in the stands and Coach O being with the cheerleaders, but the on-the-field product is actually pretty strong. Is.

Time will tell whether or not the Tigers actually perform well in the Kelly Era, but they are certainly off to a strong start.

Momentum is an important thing in college football — and LSU has plenty of it right now.

Will they be able to pull it off?

Only time will tell.


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