‘Daily Show’ Trevor Noah reveals Herschelle Walker fake police badge

Trevor Noah Compares Herschel Walker’s Fake Police Badge to Taylor Swift’s Honorary Doctorate: “But You Don’t See Her in the Operating Room, ‘Well, Killed Another

Before Trevor Noah officially exited The Daily Show later this year, he’s the only nightly host to air new episodes this week. Which meant he was also the first host to have gotten a crack at Herschel Walker over the weekend for flashing one of his fake police badges with Senator Raphael Warnock (D-GA).

After describing Walker as “close-captioning’s worst nightmare”, Noah described many of the controversies surrounding the candidate’s “winding”, including “her attacks on an absent parent despite being one”. There were some controversies ranging from “protest against abortion” despite allegedly paying Rs. , This all brought him to Walker’s attempt at “prop comedy” mid-argument, as a way of addressing allegations that he lied about being a member of law enforcement.

“I don’t know what the madness is in this story,” said the host. “The fact that this guy lied about being in law enforcement, or the fact that he pulled out a fake badge during an argument!” On top of that, Walker defended himself in an interview Monday morning, pushing back the National Sheriff’s Association’s claim that the “honorary” badge is purely symbolic.

“It almost makes me wonder, how many people has Herschel Walker arrested?” Noah asked. He also wonders whether Walker uses the “World’s Best Dad” mug to prove that he is not an absentee father.

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