Government of India issued a warning, Google Chrome users beware


New Delhi. Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers in the world, offered by the Internet giant Google. The web browser is the preferred choice for millions of people in India on both computers and mobile phones. The popularity of the browser also makes it a potential target for hackers. Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In), a government agency dealing with cyber security threats, has recently issued an alert note for Google Chrome.

Let us tell you that this official warning issued for Google Chrome users is for users using version before version 98.0.4758.80 of Google Chrome. This warning is specially designed keeping in mind the people who are using its older version as it increases the risk of attackers.

Let us tell you that users using the old version of Google Chrome may be at risk. In a note issued by the government, it has been said that many problems have been found in the Chrome browser. Several flaws have been identified such as web app, user interface, screen capture, files API, autofill and developer tools.

If users do not update to an older version of Google Chrome, the risk of cyberattacks increases significantly and their personal information will be at risk, so the government has been advised to update to this version if this is not done. . , Do it. So users can become the target of attack.

Although the number of users of the old version is very less because most of the users now use only the latest version of Google Chrome for the best experience but if a user comes to know that he is using the old version. If you are using it, you should immediately switch to the new version and make your personal data secure.


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