How Much Does Malika Andrews Earn In Comparison To Stephen A. Smith?


Malika Andrews has established herself as a leading journalist and reporter on the NBA scene in just a few short years. Joining ESPN in 2018, he has rapidly risen up the ranks and has found himself several shows that feature him as a host/moderator.

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Along with hosting NBA Today, she is also hosting NBA Countdown, both of which are mainstays for ESPN. Another incredibly important show for the company is none other than First Take, starring Stephen A. Smith, which featured people like Kendrick Perkins going and arguing against anything relevant in the world of sports. has gone.

Most recently, Smith and Andrews crossed paths when the latter called out the former show for disagreeing with their view on the Ime Udoka situation. This led to several conversations between the two, one of them being how much they earn while working for ESPN.

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How Much Do Malika Andrews and Stephen A Smith Earn in ESPN?

According to Sportsbree, Malika Andrews, despite being the face of several shows on ESPN, reportedly earns anywhere between $50,000 and $78,000. Her net worth is also floating around the range of $100,000-200,000 depending on the source.

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Stephen A. Smith, on the other hand, earns a total of $12 million annually with ESPN. This $12 million is split into $8 million and $4 million, with the first being his basic salary and the second being a production contract.

Smith signed a 5-year contract with ESPN in 2019 for a total of $60 million, but claimed last year that he felt he was underpaid.

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What happened between Malika Andrews and Stephen A. Smith?

When Ime Udoka’s situation came to light, details about it were scarce and a bit conflicting. First, it was reported that Ime had a consensual relationship. Then, it was revealed that his progress was not appreciated by fellow Celtics employees. Even people like Matt Barnes fully supported Emme’s statements before they stood up for her.

Stephen A. Smith, in some ways, went to the air to defend Ime, while Malika called in First Take to attack the mother-in-law for pointing fingers. Then there was a back-and-forth talk between the two which went viral and it seemed that their relationship was broken.


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