Is Yellowstone Season 5 New tonight on Paramount Network, 11/6?


Is Yellowstone Season 5 new on Paramount Network tonight? We know we’re getting closer to the show coming back, and that’s a cause for great celebration!

However, we cannot absolutely say that we are in this special moment. It’s the final week of the draw-out hiatus for the Kevin Costner series and next week, we’ll be officially back at Dutton Ranch! Isn’t it easy to celebrate right now?

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We’ve certainly started seeing a lot of interviews online in the last few days and there are probably more interviews to be had between now and Sunday. We also have a recently released Season 5 premiere synopsis, in case you haven’t seen that already:

John Dutton sworn in as governor of Montana. As John settles into the powers of his new office, he makes a bold move to save Yellowstone from his adversaries. Bunkhouse and Dutton enjoy the Governor’s Ball.

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Remember from earlier that the premiere event is actually two episodes instead of just one, so it’s pretty much the same as what we got on the show last year. They’re going to be jam-packed and they almost have to be! There’s going to be an inevitable time leap here, given that John is in power right now, we imagine life on the farm will show some major updates as well. With Costner’s character serving as governor, he won’t be as much as he has been. It may have been a very different season in some ways, but the tone and writing should be familiar to everyone who has enjoyed Taylor Sheridan’s work thus far.

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After the premiere event, there will be five more episodes until we reach another hiatus; There are 14 in total in season 5.

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Speaking of Yellowstone Season 5, what do you want to see the most?

Be sure to share now in the attached comments, including how psyched you are to see the show back next week. Once it’s done, come back for some other assorted updates


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