Jason Whitlock Explains the Real Reason Why He Left ESPN

Jason Whitlock: “When ESPN pulled me out, they were holding signs with the bat that said ‘Ball man not welcome.

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We don’t want real men, we want feminized men.’ I was the intellectual backbone for the macho men at ESPN that I represented.

They shooed me away and said ‘No guys, you look at Bowmany Jones, Howard Bryant, these feminized men, that’s our template It’s the kind of masculine energy we want from someone who is clearly feminist and has matriarchal attitudes and is basically a ‘yes queen’.

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Jalen Rose, Jay Williams, Kendrick Perkins – and I’m not knocking these guys down – but all those guys who don’t understand that they can’t be themselves without someone like me, all Ivy Hai Leaguers to argue with. And able to debate the educated authorities that they have, and all the other feminists that are out there.

I fear no one because I know the truth is on my side and I know how to explain it – these are not athletes. They don’t need to be endorsed by someone who Stephen A. Need to pair foot to toe with the Smiths logo. Not smart enough to stand out.

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He sometimes has Malika Andrews, a kid, but for the long haul, for real battles with the officers, and going wild with all the feminists, and those feminized male officers—they’re not smart enough. Huh. Dave Roberts, which Stephen A. Smith, has assistant officers. He’s not smart enough. I’m not trying to draw attention to any of this, I’m just telling you facts. Morning.

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There is no one inside them who can intellectually support them and explain these situations to them, and give them space in the air to be real men. So now Jay Williams understands that, he went to Duke, he’s actually a very smart guy, and so he’s taking to social media, and as you [co-host Steve Kim] said, he ESPN is ready to go out and draw a line in the sand with them.

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Eventually, and it may take a while, but the rest of them are also going to grow a couple and say ‘this check is nice, but God have mercy, I can’t wear this skirt comfortably, I’m going to leave it. Am’ . morning’. Morning’. Morning’. Morning’. Morning’. Hoon’ for Bomani and Howard Bryant.'”

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