Kevin Costner Lawyer Shuts Down Yellowstone Season 5 Production Claims


Kevin Costner Lawyer Shuts Down Yellowstone Season 5 Production Claims

Kevin Costner’s lawyer has weighed in on the allegations that the Yellowstone star is moving ahead with production on the fifth season.

Kevin Costner’s lawyer shot down the rumors.

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After it was claimed that the star of Yellowstone is still in production in the fifth season of the series, the actor’s lawyer Marty Singer stepped in to call the drama a hoax.

The lawyer shared with Puck.News: “The idea that Kevin is only willing to work one week in the second half of Yellowstone’s five seasons is completely false.” The response followed a Feb. 21 exposé on the site that alleged Costner’s unprofessional behavior.

According to the lawyer, the allegations were “ridiculous” and “the person who suggested this should not be believed for a second”.

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Everything he knows about Kevin is well known, Singer added, is very passionate about the show and goes above and beyond to ensure its success.

The statement comes after Deadline reported on February 6 that Costner only wanted to shoot for 50 days for the first episode of the fifth season, although he ended up shooting 65 days in Yellowstone. For the second episode, Costner reportedly only wanted to shoot for a week.

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Deadline also noted that Yellowstone co-creator and producer Taylor Sheridan is looking to wrap up the show and its current fifth season by presenting a series starring Matthew McConaughey.

However, a spokesperson for Paramount Network denied the allegations, saying, “We have no news to report. Kevin Costner is a major part of Yellowstone and we hope he will be around for a long time. We are working on the expansion of the franchise. Matthew McConaughey is a great talent to work with us.”

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