Malika Andrews Destroyed Stephen A. Smith By Sharing His College Score

s1-Malika Andrews

Stephen A. Smith has been the face of ESPN for some time, making him one of the most recognizable heads on the network. Sass acts like a maniac, is quick to voice his opinion on everything going on in the NBA, and is probably paid a little less than he thinks. But for all the things he works hard and achieves, he is also criticized from time to time for his prejudices and his over-the-top attitude towards the NBA.

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Many of the taunts leveled at him stem from the fact that he never played professionally. Smith was not a very good player as a youngster, becoming angry when he criticized the stars of the game. And while not many people say anything about her, Malika Andrews, her colleague at ESPN, recently took a dig at her.

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In a panel with JJ Reddick and Jalen Rose, she shared the final season average of three players in college. And the question was to guess those players. It turned out to be three panelists, and Stephen A’s average was 1.5. Needless to say, fans loved it in response.

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NBA fans have hilarious reactions to Malika Andrews trolling Stephen A. Smith

Stephen A. As entertaining as Smith and Skip Bayless are, their flamboyant style makes it so special that people happily participate when it comes to trolling. Jalen Rose beat Skip Bayless to his average in a segment from the back on the day when fans were still angry at Bayless. And here their reactions were similar.


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