Malika Andrews destroys Kendrick Perkins with pure wildness on live TV


Malika Andrews is one of the prettiest faces in sports broadcasting today. As it turns out this woman also happens to be one of the wildest NBA analysts out there. His NBA Today co-host Kendrick Perkins experienced it firsthand on a recent episode of the show.

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Andrews had the usual entourage of all-time NBA greats providing expert analysis for him. This included Vince Carter, Richard Jefferson, and of course, Kendrick Perkins. For some reason, Malika thought this would be a good day to bury the Big Perk with a comment that can only be described as pure wildness.

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“So, bringing everyone back for this one,” Andrews said. “The three of you teamed for a career-high 219 30-point games. How much did Perk contribute to that?”

In case you’re wondering what the answer to that question is, it’s zero. Kendrick Perkins, who averaged 5.4 points in his 14-year NBA career, never scored more than 30 points in a game. However, he came very close to his career-high scoring mark in March 2009 with a 26-point drop.

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As Richard Jefferson put it, Malika did Big Perk “dirty” on this one. Andrews himself was feeling a bit guilty after dropping the bomb on Perkins, who, for his part, could only smile after being hit with that big mower. Perk could not come back from there.

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However, it was all in good fun, and you know Kendrick Perkins is a good sport. Kudos to Malika Andrews for not passing up the opportunity to completely roast her co-host on Live TV Passes. Oh, and it goes without saying that she’s also a broadcaster. If this was not the case, ESPN would not have given him his show.


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