Malika Andrews shared clip of petting Stephen Curry and the Warriors

Malika Andrews and sister Kendra Andrews have seen a rapid rise in popularity among NBA fans.

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The sisters have become hugely popular figures and have left many heartthrobs as a result. Malika Andrews is also included in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in the world of sports for 2021.

Malika, 27, became ESPN’s youngest sideline reporter ever and has since broken several records. With a wide smile and positive attitude, Malika has established herself as a mainstay in sports reporting at a young age.

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Born in Oakland, it’s no surprise that the Andrews sisters are ardent fans of the Golden State Warriors. Malika’s sister Kendra also covered the Warriors during her time with NBC Sports.

With the Warriors touring Japan and a lack of NBA content, reporters were scrambling for material. And most recently, former ESPN veteran, Rachel Nichols came out with some surprising negative coverage.

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Nichols saw his deal with ESPN fall through after an audio leak during the 2021 NBA Finals. Unexpectedly, rising star Malika took her vacated spot. Safe to say Nichols was not happy.

With Nichols joining NBC Sports and her version of the story, there was enough negativity in the air. Thankfully Malaika Andrews is there to pick up her pieces once again.

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How did Malika Andrews put a smile on NBA fans’ faces for the weekend?
Malika’s source of content to keep the Golden State Warriors strong is also from the Warriors’ tour of Japan. As part of the NBA Japan Games, the Warriors traveled to the country and played against the Washington Wizards on September 30.

One doesn’t visit the land that gave us Sonic the Hedgehog without domesticating a hedgehog, eh?

The video footage of Andrew Wiggins and Jordan Poole hitting Hazel with a glove is exactly the same footage that Malika had. Wiggins and Poole appear to be teasing the prickly hedgehog out of equal parts curiosity and equal parts fear.

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Wiggins seemed more comfortable guarding Jayson Tatum in the NBA Finals than a hedgehog in the palm of his hand. The facial expressions are hilarious and guaranteed to bring a smile, as promised by Malika.

The Andrews sisters are part of a new wave of sports reporting. Now there is no trend of spreading hatred. Stephen A. There has been a lot of criticism lately of the old norms set by people like Smith and Skip Bayless.

With even more NBA players entering the media space, the hating trend may be on the decline. More hedgehogs and less spiny boomers on our feed, please.

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