Malika Andrews, Stephen A. Smith Debates About Ime Udoka Scandal


It’s pretty rare to see two of ESPN’s biggest personalities in the same place interacting with each other in a less-than-friendly manor. But something similar happened on Friday.

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Stephen A. Smith, who hosts ESPN’s Biggest Show in First Take, got into a heated argument with NBA Today’s Malika Andrews after she called him out for his views on the Ime Udoka scandal.

Here’s the thing, we still don’t know much about the Ime Udoka scandal – at least nothing concrete.

The team has officially suspended him for a full year, but they haven’t told us why and what he did. All we know from previous reporting on the matter was that at the center of it was some sort of affair with an unnamed female Celtics staff member.

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This led to Stephen A. That didn’t stop Smith from calling out the Celtics on First Take for suspending Udoka, not to mention the unnamed employee he was involved with.

“He said in several news reports, that it was a consensual relationship and violated an organizational policy. So only he is violating company policy? The woman who chose to have a consensual relationship with him, isn’t that a violation ??He is cited and put on the front road?We don’t know who he is.

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She talked about how the acquittal of the woman involved in the scam would ease the stress on other women in the organization who have been wrongly implicated in the scam due to online speculation.

Without thinking twice about it, Smith is largely blaming the woman involved in this scenario and the misunderstanding may have been created by Udoka herself. The simple fact is that we don’t have those details yet and without them it is wrong to make any assumptions.

So Andrew didn’t have to. He called Smith onto the show to explain it.

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“Stephen A, with all due respect, this is not about finger pointing. Stop. What became clear to me at this press conference is that we do not have all the information here and it was disappointing to me that the Celtics did not have Was. Was. Yes, don’t give up.” But declined to elaborate or give more details on what was the reason for breaking the rules.

We are not Stephen A. here to blame women. That’s why we are not here.

Of course, Stephen A. Smith got back to him and he clearly didn’t appreciate what Andrews had to say here.

“First of all, let me be very clear, I do not appreciate where you are going with this. I am not blaming anyone but Ime Udoka. The fact of the matter is, I said that if you If you’re going to fire him, he should be fired. If you’re not going to fire him, don’t fire him. All I have to say is it’s being made public.

Andrews tries to get another point here but Smith cuts it sharply.

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“Sorry. I heard you. You’re asking me to stop my show, it’s not happening. Okay. That’s number one. Number two, I already said he’s going to be fired.” “Entitled or entitled to be there and handle it internally and privately.

It’s almost certainly a conversation that won’t stop today. This will be a topic of discussion for the next few weeks as we head into the new NBA season.

Hopefully, going forward, we can see this whole thing being handled with a little more care. In such a situation, now we will not have to sit in such debates.


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