Malika Andrews tells Stephen A. Smith about her college hoops stats


Malaika Andrews targets Stephen A Smith

On Friday night’s ESPN’s “NBA Countdown,” Andrews was hosting alongside Smith, Jalen Rose and JJ Redick. He produced a “blind resume” of the scoring averages of three players during his final season of college basketball. The player averaged 26.8 points per game in 2005–06. One had 19.9 points in 1993–94. The last player to score was just 1.5 points in 1990–91.

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Rose and Reddick were two prolific scorers – and appeared on bit, or at the very least not butt – while Smith looked a bit sloppy.

Smith laughed when it was revealed. A self-conscious television performer, he turned his fake laughs into more honest-to-funny laughs and figures out his senior season as a point guard at Winston-Salem State.

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“They’re not telling you I’ve only played one game because I halved my knee cap, but it’s neither here nor there,” he said.

Reddick starred at Duke and was the National College Player of the Year in 2006. Rose was a member of the famed Fab 5 team at Michigan.

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The “NBA Countdown” crew was opening the Timberwolves-Grizzly game, which Memphis won 114–103.

Ja Morant had 28 points, 10 rebounds and eight assists, while Desmond Bain scored 24 points and Dillon Brooks added 21 points.

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