Malika Andrews Was Cheesing Hard for That Paul George Hug


ESPN reporter Malika Andrews was late for comments about The Warriors and now she’s being criticized?

The Los Angeles Lakers host the Los Angeles Clippers tonight for their home opener. The Lakers were coming off a loss against the Warriors on NBA opening night and were looking to set a record in their home opener. However, things did not go according to plan.

The Clippers finally got Kawhi Leonard back after he missed the 2021-22 season. He also saw John Wall take the floor as a Clipper in his first NBA game with the team. The Clippers won 103-97 as they showed complete teamwork.

After the game, Kawhi Leonard was interviewed by the TNT crew while Paul George was interviewed by ESPN’s Malika Andrews.

NBA Twitter uproar after watching Malika Andrews’ interview with Paul George
Seeing Malika Andrews interview Paul George after the game was nothing out of the ordinary. However, towards the end of their conversation, Malaika reaches out for a hug while PG is clearly not interested.

This sent NBA Twitter into a frenzy and they didn’t hold back with their reactions.

Andrews and his recent troubles with fans

Malika Andrews was born and raised in the Persian Gulf. She grew up a Warriors fan and her sister Kendra Andrews dubs for ESPN. However, there have been recent instances of Andrews mocking the Warriors and their stars and picking others to win the championship. That infuriated Warriors fans.

At the same time, she made comments that were offensive to black people and unbecoming of the community. Recently, Rachel Nichols finally answered, where she also called Andrews


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