‘Malika Andrews’ wrongfully catching barbs amid Ime Udoka

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In political, cultural fields, most people would agree that change is necessary in this thing we call humanity in English, and it is unlikely to ever happen. There is a natural tendency to quickly judge and attack those who do not share our views.

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When a man is accused of misbehaving or physically assaulting a woman. For years, unless a man was jailed for a widely accepted reason, when issues arose regarding the treatment of a woman, the default position was often that the woman was a major factor in what happened. Plays one – if not the main – role.

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski put a virtual trademark stamp on his report that Boston Celtics head coach Ime Udoka was facing disciplinary action for unspecified violations of organizational guidelines. Shams Charnia later reported that it was a consensual relationship between Udoka and a Celtics female employee that resulted in the need for punishment.

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Details about the situation have remained fairly murky since then, but then there was the full Charnia report, which revealed that when Udoka had a consensual relationship with a female team employee, she informed the team that Udoka had made unwanted advances towards her. had behaved behaved and commented. Yes, The Athletic is behind a paywall, but that part of the story made it to social media.

Speaking of social media, a place where it is difficult to tell who is the real person behind profile pictures, sure enough, the place was supposed to handle a situation in which a woman was allegedly abused by a man. went. was – especially a black man – in a pathetic way. With very little information, the Twitter accounts have been buzzing for the past week, and in recent days the stingers have been out and about, targeting ESPN’s Malika Andrews.

She called in on First Take last Thursday when she didn’t appreciate what Stephen A. Smith said at the start of the program. He spent 20 seconds of his opening remarks blaming the victim, whatever his intention. He literally asked this rhetorical question: “Was Ime Udoka involved with herself?”

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Charania’s report came out on Tuesday in which people were informed about the alleged unsolicited comments. Celtics team owner YC Grousbeck stated twice in his press conference that no discipline was being considered for other Celtics employees. Andrews was right. There was no need to open up more reckless speculation by asking questions about the woman’s role in the situation. So he corrected Kendrick Perkins on NBA Today. Until further details are released, the Celtics’ investigation – conducted by an outside law firm – has now concluded that Udoka was at fault. Let us not cross our “what was she wearing,” “why was she there at that time,” and “what did she say” swords.

Andrews also faced some criticism for bringing up the past of the Celtics’ interim coach, Joe Mazzulla, a black man. In 2009, as a college player in West Virginia, he was charged with domestic violence for allegedly strangling a woman at a bar. The case was settled out of court, and West Virginia head coach Bob Huggins suspended him. However, the incident took place in April, just after the season had ended. Mazzulla was reinstated the following season and did not miss a single game.

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Andrews may not have had to mention the underage drinking ticket, but it becomes all the more relevant because she was charged as a result of the incident, and she is still over the legal drinking age of 21. is less. Was young Well, of course the past is in the past, but with the lack of thoroughness in the way men were accused of mistreating women that spans basically the entire human history, it’s at least always relevant. Is. A man has a right to change, or to claim his innocence, but we also have a right to know if he has done anything wrong and make an honest effort to change his ways.

With your insidious and hateful comments by Andrews of Outkick and Tariq Nasheed spewing venom behind any account or anyone who posts any information about a woman who had a relationship with Udoka, you all have a problem. not problematic. you are a problem

All that being said, one of my favorite quotes is from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., “It may be true that a law can’t make a man love me, but it can stop him from killing me.” ” , and I think it’s very important, very.”

Unfortunately, humans have proved over thousands of years that we cannot be trusted. We are irrational, easily startled, dislike correction and fall prey to mob mentality. We are like that, but it is your responsibility towards the people sitting outside the crowd not to provoke it. As We Told The Story 6th Jan 2021

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Which is why Perkins and Smith should be criticized for what they said, but I wish there was someone else who would have done the same thing. A white man would have been best, but any man will do.

Andrews sticks her neck out there and opens it up to the worst social media has to offer. He got Uncle Tom completely treated. People called her a misogynist and created a half-ass theory through past statements that she hates black men. Then of course one of Clay Travis’ henchmen, Bobby Barak, came along with his fertilizer, claiming it was proof that “leftist Twitter” and the “corporate press” were trying to get people of color to “think for themselves.” Were staying are forcing do not like.

The problem here is that many people are looking for a reason to blame women when a man is wrong. Smith and Perkins should not have raised any questions as to why the woman was not being punished. The only information anyone has is that Udoka should not have done what he did.

And the blame shouldn’t stop with those two. Wojnarowski and Charnia got this information from somewhere. Udoka is a CAA client, and as Ethan Strauss has pointed out many times, Wojak is also a CAA client, and he has a different tone when dealing with people in the NBA who are members of the same agency as he is. It was Woz who originally provided the information that Udoka was facing punishment, and gave no details as to why. He spins this story, due to which ESPN pays him a huge amount on the one hand. He tweeted after Charnia originally tweeted that the issue was a consensual workplace relationship, but it was Wojnarowski who lit a fuse, causing an explosion and blowing the faces of many who heard about it. Didn’t ask for it.

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There is also some blame that the Celtics need to share. This information about Udoka got out and it did not happen in a controlled way. Grobeck said at the press conference that he did not leak the news that Udoka would face punishment, but said he did not mind Udoka being suspended for at least one season.

His being so reticent about the information is surely due to legal issues and protecting the victim on his mind. While this is understandable, the victim’s information has probably already been leaked. As soon as people came to know about this, people started trying to make relation with Udoka. Which led to several baseless posts about who the woman was. Some even included pictures.

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The NBA recently released a detailed report detailing the reason for banning Robert Sarver for one year without naming anyone. If nothing else, at least there is transparency and we have no reason to question their judgement. The Celtics are basically saying, “We got this. Trust us. We did the work. They know it’s not enough to satisfy the public. The less open they are with us, the more prejudice Is.” The more contaminating the surrounding comment, the more people get hurt. And why would anyone blindly trust them? Their starting center was back from injury, and he said he was good to play. Now he will not be on the field to start the season with the same injury.


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