Man of Steel 2 Has a Chance to Correct the Originals Biggest Weakness


Most ardent DC Universe fans will have to admit that, so far, the franchise has been a mixed bag. On one hand there are solid and powerful single stories like The Batman and Wonder Woman; On the other hand, 2016’s Suicide Squad which was a chaotic mess.

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The First Man of Steel probably falls somewhere in the middle, a unique and interesting take on Superman in that Man of Steel 2 officially works like many things, so he has the opportunity to do what the original did. Never did – Build yourself around a strong theme.

What does a concrete subject in a superhero movie really look like? In order to work, a film’s theme has to tie into its central conflict. In superhero movies, it usually takes the form of a villain with the intent of domination or destruction, like Wonder Woman Ares (David Thelis).

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One who wants to destroy humanity because he does not believe that they deserve the world given to them by the gods. Diana (Gal Gadot), on the other hand, is naive and optimistic, spending her sheltered life on Themyscira.

And he believes that humans are inherently good. But she is shaken by this belief when she sees how much humans oppress each other. In the end, it is the selfless sacrifice of Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) that convinces him that while humanity is indeed flawed, it is worth fighting for. “It’s not worth it,” she tells Ares during their fight, “it’s about your faith. And I believe in love.” It’s a simple, powerful message with a clear outline of Diana’s inner struggle of her own final struggle.

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A Chance for the More Optimistic Superman

Like Wonder Woman, previous iterations of Superman have usually centered themselves around simple, positive themes: hope, optimism, and, of course, truth, justice, and the American way. In earlier comics, Christopher Reeve’s films, and most TV versions, Clark uses his powers to protect humanity because he feels like one of us, just a healthy Kansas boy capable of flying. Zack Snyder’s move against Superman was a departure, focusing instead on his status as an outsider and his hardship; However, Henry Cavill has indicated that Superman’s next appearance will return to a more traditional, positive tone.

So, how can a new solo Superman movie reconcile Clarke’s sense of being an outsider with the “joyful” tone we see in more traditional Superman stories?

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The answer, of course, is Lois Lane. More than Amy Adams Lois — Clark’s parent, fellow protagonist, Daily Planet collaborator, or anyone else — her connection to humanity. The beginning of Justice League sets this up clearly in cell phone footage taken by the kids, where they ask Superman his favorite thing about Earth.

He smiles to himself, and the footage cuts before responding, but we know he’s thinking of Lois. Man of Steel teases this too, but, like many things, it never pays off. When young Clark’s powers reveal and overwhelm him, Martha (Diane Lane) advises him to “make the world smaller”.

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And it could have been Clark’s relationship with Lois later in the film. The sequel has another chance to pay for this setup: for Clark, Lois is the world, and when he feels overwhelmed by the burden placed upon him, and alienated from humanity, he turns to the world. converts to one. small clocks. Makes – He thinks of Lois.

Superman has always been about sacrifice

Lois can be an effective medium for themes of connection, but also for themes of selflessness and sacrifice. Movies like to turn Superman into Jesus, but this version of Superman has already given his life to save humanity once. So what does he have left to sacrifice? His mother, and Lois.

Clark had already experienced a great loss as a youth, when his father sacrificed himself to protect Clark’s identity, and this turned him into a purposeless wanderer, at least until That a replacement father was not found in an ancient Kryptonian ship. What will happen to him if he loses Martha or Lois? How will he get the strength to move on? Where would he find his connection with humanity without Lois? What lessons could he have learned about grief and resilience?


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