Russell Crowe girlfriend refused service at Australian restaurant


Actor Russell Crowe and his girlfriend Brittany Theriot were refused service at an Australian restaurant for not meeting the smart-casual dress code, according to a report.

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The couple went to eat at Mr Miyagi, a Japanese-fusion establishment in Melbourne, as they played tennis earlier in the day, but were refused entry by staff.

Crowe’s manager Grant Vandenberg told Daily Mail Australia, “He (Russell) went out there wearing a new Ralph Lauren polo, had just played a game of tennis and it was returned.”

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The restaurant describes itself as “casual but fancy” where “work gear, activewear, singlets and thongs (flip-flops)” are forbidden.

Mr. Miyagi’s management reacted ambivalently to his decision to kick out the Gladiator star, saying that no one is above their rules.

“We treat everyone equally. It doesn’t matter who you are or whether you are Russell Crowe. We have a dress code that we uphold at every level,” owner Kristian Klein told the Herald Sun.

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“We’re consistent with that and I don’t think it’s unfair,” Klein continued. “But I personally know that if I’m in my thongs (flip-flops) and my boardies (shorts), I’m not going to try and go to a nice restaurant, because I won’t be dressed appropriately. “


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