Russell Westbrook wife reacts to him being called a vampire on ESPN


Russell Westbrook’s wife Nina Westbrook has reacted to Dave McMenamy’s comments about her husband.

McMenamin, Ramone Shelburne, Brian Windhorst and Malika Andrews discussed the Westbrook trade as McMenamin shared information about the environment in the Lakers locker room.

“It’s time to do it,” McMenamin began. “Westbrook will not be part of the team after the summer. However, once his contract is off the books, the Lakers will have less money to spend in free agency.”

“You fight, you can shoot, you are interchangeable bodyguards, and as one source told me, ‘You bring vampires out of the closet. Vampires bring blood out of clothes,'” he said.

Meanwhile, Westbrook’s wife posted a comment on Instagram criticizing ESPN.

“This is just sick, ESPN,” wrote Nina Westbrook. “Russell is not a vampire. And that’s a shame, because anyone who knows anything knows that couldn’t be further from the truth.”

“On a personal note, I have a school-aged child who has to listen to their peers repeat the bad things they say about their dad on TV. I think I’d be willing to give my 5 years of explanation. Dad is actually a vampire and the mainstream media only says things like that for attention. .

NBA stars like Chris Paul, Donovan Mitchell and Carmelo Anthony also spoke.

“Stop,” Mitchell wrote.

“Whose source?” Anthony asked.

“Say it,” said Paul.

“The source!? Shut up and say the source, or don’t tell me what he said!!” Added by Quentin Richardson.


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