Stephen A. Smith Defends Jerry Jones Segregation Photo


Stephen A. Smith is a staunch opponent of the Dallas Cowboys. However, he takes a liking to Jerry Jones. Smith believes that owning the Cowboys is good for the sport, and overall, he is an owner who cares about his team. Having said that, Jones is not free from controversy.

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jerry jones photo traced

Yesterday Jones was going viral for all the wrong reasons. As you can see below, Jones is featured in the photo from 65 years ago as black teenagers were denied admission to high school. They were trying to desegregate the Little Rock school, and it appeared as though Jones was pro-segregation.

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Jones was just 14 years old at the time of this picture. Despite this, many people were quick to follow Jones. Plus, fans got a look at his record as an owner. It also includes a ban on kneeling during the national anthem. Additionally, Jones never hired a black head coach.

Stephen A. Speaks

While many were on Jones’ case, others were quick to defend her. Stephen A. He was one of those people. As you can see in the clip below, Smith felt the criticism was completely unfair, especially when you consider how long ago it was. Overall, Smith feels that people shouldn’t be judged for their actions at age 14.

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“I’m so fond of Jerry Jones and he doesn’t deserve what just happened to him!” Smith wrote in a now-deleted tweet. “It would have been different if he was an adult, but he was a 14 – 15 year old kid. Are you ready to tell what you did when you were 14?”

Smith’s move here would be seen as controversial, especially when you consider how tough he was on Kyrie. Either way, Jones just isn’t on good terms with some people right now, and it’s pretty easy to see why.

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