Stephen A Smith LeBron James Shut Down Player At NBA Boycott Meeting

s5-LeBron James

In his morning show First Takes Today, Stephen A. Smith said that LeBron James’ comments at Wednesday’s meeting were not well received by young NBA players.

LeBron James was caught having an exasperated reaction

Of all the talking heads in basketball, Stephen A. Smith is the most famous NBA pundit. Her fashion for freely making bold statements has earned her success within the ESPN organization as well as numerous fans.

This allows Stephen A to stir things up from time to time as a predictable ‘insider’. Stephen A chose a strange hill to die today, cursing LeBron James for an unexplained crime.

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Stephen A Smith Claims LeBron James Appeared as ‘The King with a Crown

On the eve of the NBA’s resumption after a 3-day boycott, Stephen A. Smith had an opportunity to make headlines. He chose LeBron James as his main target.

Tiffany A. Smith says LeBron James ‘turned off’ players and owners

“He was speaking out of pocket and talking to the players in a way that really annoyed some of these young cats … He came in like he had been crowned.”

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NBA Central

This differs significantly from Yahoo insider Chris Haynes’ less sensationalist account of the events. According to Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports, James was among the players “angry with the Bucks’ handling of the situation” on Wednesday.

He felt that they were all put in a “no-win situation”, as they had no action plan and “if they are refusing to play, what is the end game and how to continue. ” What demands must be met?

The reality of how the 4-time MVP dealt with one of the toughest professional situations of his career is likely to remain shrouded in mystery for at least a few more days.


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