Stephen A. Smith, Malika Andrews share tense exchange on First Take


The year-long suspension of Ime Udoka is the focus of controversy in the NBA right now, and everyone has their own opinion on the way it is reported.

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On “First Take” Thursday, Stephen A. Smith took issue with the way the Celtics handled Udoka, stating that either Udoka should have been fired or not skipped any games.

“I am amazed by this decision,” he began. “If you’re not going to sack him, he shouldn’t be suspended. You can dock his payment. You can fine him. You can keep stuff in the house. I’m surprised it’s publicized.” ” … I know there are a lot of situations in the whole world of professional sports … where people are messing with each other. You don’t see it becoming a story. It was leaked by the Boston Celtics organization.”

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In short, Smith believes that someone within the Celtics organization leaked the Udoka story, “I don’t think anything with these white dudes is being put out and broadcast to the public. ” Who’s doing it.”

Fast forward to Friday, and Smith was furious with the Celtics press conference in which he spoke about the suspension.

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“I didn’t think I could be any more angry about being on this show,” Smith said of the convention. “But I am … Wyc Grousbeck – I like him – have known him for years … Incredibly disappointed today. Ime Udoka can’t be defended … It’s unforgivable. As far as . . . I’m concerned, it’s an incendiary offense but that doesn’t deny what the Celtics are doing here… It was a consensual relationship…but we’re only hearing about Emme.”

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As a guest on Friday, Malika Andrews objected to Smith’s remarks.

“Stephen A, with all due respect, it’s not about finger-pointing,” Andrews said. “Wait. It became clear to me at this press conference that we don’t have all the information here. And it was disappointing to me that the Celtics refused to elaborate or elaborate on what exactly the rule-breaking is. What that That got us to this point.”

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Andrews called Brad Stevens a “huge Twitter bull-admitting that women were unfairly dragged down within the Celtics organization… and I also found that gross and unnecessary… But the Celtics could have done more as an organization… but the fact that it was able to last all day… We women here aren’t Stephen A. to blame.


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