Tennessee Fans Reaction To Beating Alabama Go Viral

Tennessee Fans Reaction

Going into Saturday’s showdown between Tennessee and Alabama, many thought the home team could take the win.

When the volume got off to a hot start, that confidence soared.

But then Alabama came back—as Nick Saban’s teams often do. From that point on, it was Wallace’s final, game-winning field goal to dice all the way through.

After the outing, Tennessee fans were overjoyed. In a video now going viral, fans’ reactions to the final seconds leading up to the game-winning field goal can be seen

Spirit on display was lightning on Saturday. You can really feel the high stakes of the game from start to finish. A Walls fan was cheering so loudly that his shirt blew off. That’s how the bleachers were crazy.

Later, an unfortunate Alabama fan was also taught a particularly brutal lesson by the female Tennessee fans in attendance.

Get the loot for the winners, and Tennessee certainly emerged as the winners from this weekend’s proceedings. Now the question is how do they proceed.

Walls’ next big match will be against Kentucky in two weeks. The Wildcats are solid, but—assuming Josh Heppel has gotten his squad ready to play—it shouldn’t be a particularly difficult dub to achieve.

Where things get tricky is November 5. That’s when Tennessee clashes with Georgia. In addition to doing something crazy for Florida on October 29, the Bulldogs are likely to go undefeated against Walls in that match.

If Huepel & Co can hand them their first defeat of the season, Walls becomes the unanimous top team in the country. There is no question about it. And they’ll go into the college football playoffs with as much momentum as you can have.

At this stage, even if Tennessee ends with a loss, their place in the CFP is secure. Alabama’s victory strengthened it.

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