The Hate Aimed Towards ESPN ‘Malika Andrews’ Is Unwarranted


A friend recently asked me, “Why is Twitter scaring Malaika Andrews?” And you, the reader, might be thinking the same thing. So let me fill you up.

On 23 September, Andrews met with Stephen A to discuss Ime Udoka’s one-year suspension. Smith appeared at First Take and the press conference following the suspension by Celtics executives. The two disagreed on how the organization was handling Udoka’s sentence.

Malika Andrews’ Salary Compared To Stephen A. Smith

Earlier this week, on Monday, September 27, Andrews resumed last season for Boston Celtics assistant coach Joe Majulla, who was recently announced as interim coach following Udoka’s suspension.

Soon after pointing out his experience, Andrews shared that Majulla was arrested twice while playing basketball at West Virginia University.

Who is Malika Andrews and what’s her relationship with the NBA?

Suddenly, it’s completely disgusting aimed at Andrews, with users on Twitter claiming she “hates” black men. People also petitioned for former ESPN sportscaster Rachel Nichols to replace Andrews.

The targeted hatred towards Andrews is unwarranted and clearly unwarranted. As a journalist, you have a responsibility to put forth the facts and give context to your audience. Majulla’s criminal history is something basketball fans should be aware of.

कपिल शर्मा के शो में बोनी कपूर ने खोले बेटी के राज, रोई जाह्नवी कपूर?

When Jason Kidd was considered the head coach of the Dallas Mavericks, his criminal history was questioned. When the Chauncey Billups were considered head coach of the Portland Trailblazers, questions were also raised about his criminal history. Where is the hatred towards them? Nobody was there. You know why? Because he was doing his job as a publishing journalist.

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Andrews didn’t question the hire, he just laid out the facts, which is important because Udoka was suspended for improper consent with a Celtics employee.

One user on Twitter even went so far as to say, “I think he has a problem with black people, which is 2008 yellow journalism raising Majulla’s legal issues. When he did, so did his credibility with me.” It was too.” was lost.” ,

yellow journalism? Really? Do you even know what it means? Yellow Journalism is reporting that is based on sensationalism and not well-researched facts. Malaika Andrews did not do this. She was not speculating whether Majulla was arrested or not. She was telling a fact which is part of Majulla’s history.

If you want to disagree with Andrews on whether he’s going to win the NBA Finals or whether Dylan Brooks intentionally tried to hurt Gar Peyton II, go ahead. But claiming that she hates black men? With this I miss you.

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