Trevor Noah Reveals How Elon Musk Can Make Twitter Profitable

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The “Daily Show” host joked Tuesday night, “Charge white people to say the N-word. Twitter will be the most profitable company in history. Feminists will be taking loans.”

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The Daily Show and its host Trevor Noah dropped the second of their four live tapes Thursday night from the Tabernacle in Atlanta, Georgia. And during his monologue, delivered like a stand-up comedy set, Noah—who is leaving the political satire series later this year—turned his attention to the $44 billion Twitter acquisition of Adlord and aspiring comic Elon Musk. did. did. did. did. focused.

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Calling Musk “the guy who always looks like a ghost, whether it’s Halloween or not,” Noah explained how, “For months, Musk has said he wants to own Twitter. And why? That? ?? wanted to own Twitter because he wanted to make sure it was a haven for free speech… to be honest, by now, you know, people really got back on Twitter I always find myself scrolling through and wondering what do you really think?

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Then, Noah cited reports that within the first 12 hours of Musk’s Twitter ownership, use of the N-word on Twitter jumped nearly 500 percent as racist trolls excited by Musk’s acquisition tested the limits of what they said.

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After a loud shout from the crowd, Noah said, “You don’t know! Who knows what it is? It could be racist, yes. It could be…. [People] are free and excited to say it feel it now or it could be black people like Elon.

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