Defend Malika Andrews & football players’ safety


Triple Threat Podcast: Malika Andrews and defending the safety of football players
The Bonnet Gang goes after Malika Andrews haters and NFL doctor

2022 NBA Finals – Golden State Warriors vs. Boston Celtics

Malika Andrews (right) Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images
First, the Bonnet gang, which is just Chaunée and Juanita this time, talk about the Draymond Green/Jordan pool fight that gave the episode its name: “The Girls Fight IIIINNG.”

Then they break into some of the Lakers’ belongings; For example, why is it okay that LeBron and Kareem are not friends?

Malika Andrews is the first subject the gang spends a lot of time on, namely defending her. They say it’s okay for her to be smart and say things like, “I didn’t know we had readers on this show” when arguing that it’s impossible to know the intent of dirty drama.

Chaunée is tired of people treating Kendrick Perkins and Richard Jefferson like they’re gods and Juanita says that Andrews disagreeing with them doesn’t mean she’s out to get them. “Disagreement is not disrespect.

” The Gang takes a look at sexism in sports.

Juanita then wonders whether 7-foot-4 Victor Vembanyama is the best prospect ever, saying he has been begging to be seen. In further discussion of the NBA, Juanita discusses which teams should try to be bad this year and says, “If you’re in the play-ins, be bad.” Robert Sarver is still on the mind of the gang and has been compared to Michael Scott from “The Office”. The gang says that this is not acceptable in real life.

Another topic that gets a lot of attention is the safety of NFL players. The gang cannot believe Tua Tagovailoa played after his injury and Chauncey asks, “Where were his people?”, referring to his loved ones, who were advising him not to play. She says, “You have to love yourself at least a little” and don’t they have wives and children to live by?

Moving on to baseball, Chawnie and Juanita are somewhat apathetic at Aaron Judge’s 62nd home run because they know the MLB record is still Barry Bonds’ 73 in 2001. It doesn’t make you good at hitting a baseball. “Barry is a Bond goat, I don’t know what to tell you,” says Chauncey.

Entering women’s basketball, Chauncey wondered whether Aija had the greatest single year ever for a female basketball player, considering her additional achievements at the World Cup. “His resume doubled in five months,” says Chauncey.

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