2 people finally claim $1.34 billion Mega Millions lottery winnings

Two months after the announcement of the $1.34 billion winning Mega Millions ticket, two men got tickets to win the biggest jackpot ever

  We finally have a winner, the Illinois Lottery announced Wednesday.

Prizes shared in a partnership: The two winners agreed to split the prize before purchasing tickets.

"These winners will now decide what to do with their assets," Harold Mays said in a statement.

The winners have also chosen to remain anonymous.

The winning ticket was announced on 29 July with the jackpot starting 16 April.

Winners have only 60 days to choose from cash and annuity options and up to one year to claim their prize.

The winners opted to receive a one-time payment of $780.5 million.

Luis Rodriguez, manager of the Illinois Lottery, said, "Giving so much money and what a huge impact it will have on the lives of the winners.