A look at Chris Licht first few months as CNNs chairman and CEO

Chris Licht became CNN's president and CEO in May. A few months later, high-profile departures and arrivals may signal

This week brought news of the death of CNN founding anchor Bernard Shaw, known for pursuing the news and avoiding flash

The new CNN leader has taken steps he says will return the cable channel closer to its news-driven roots.

And for more on that, we have NPR media correspondent David Folkenflik. Hey, David

David Fockenfleck, Byline: Hey, Elsa, Chang: Okay. So tell us, who is CNN's new CEO and chairman Chris Licht, and how does he want to completely reshape CNN?

Chris Licht came after a stint at CBS, where he oversaw Colbert's "Late Show".

He's promising in this avatar at CNN that he's going to make the channel less opinionated

The focus is on Donald Trump as a true story that he actually rode during the Trump era.