America's secrets: Trump's unprecedented disregard of norms

WASHINGTON (AP) - Donald Trump is not the first to face criticism for violating rules and conventions to protect sensitive government records

National security experts say the recent revelations disregard the norms of the post-Presidency established in the post-Watergate era.

Document dramas have cropped up from time to time over the years.

Democrat Lyndon B. Johnson's national security adviser maintained explosive records for years before turning them over to the Johnson Presidential Library.

Vietnam was secretly communicating with the South Vietnamese government in the final days of the 1968 presidential race in an effort to delay the opening of peace talks to end the war.

Fawn Hall testified that she turned over documents related to the Iran-Contra relationship and helped to protect her boss, Oliver North, at the White House National Security Council.

Barack Obama's CIA Director, David Petraeus Was Forced to Resign

He was convicted of a federal misdemeanor for sharing classified material with a biographer with whom he had an affair.