Call of Duty: How to Redeem Your Modern Warfare 2 Beta Code

If you've already pre-ordered your copy of the game, you've likely received the Modern Warfare 2 beta code.

Be sure to check the email associated with whichever retailer you purchased the game from, as this is where your code should have been delivered.

How to Redeem Your Modern Warfare 2 Beta Code

To get started, head over to the Beta Redeem Portal on the Call of Duty website.

Create a new Call of Duty account or log in to an existing profile.

Choose the game platform of your choice and the correct region where you live.

If you have a valid code, a page will appear confirming that you have redeemed it. However, the site will not provide you with a beta code. This will arrive in your inbox later.

Watch your email for your beta code that will be sent to you before the beta release.