How can I keep my child safe from monkeypox?

BC Administrators And Faculty Talk Monkeypox, How To Stay Safe On Campus

From animals getting monkeypox to lack of symptoms - unknowns surround complicated virus, Monkeypox is not an African disease nor is it a gay disease

emphasized Welkin Johnson, chair of the biology department at Boston College—it is an infectious disease

public health experts say the virus poses little risk to children and adolescents at daycare and school.

The Indiana Department of Health has launched a data dashboard showing the prevalence of monkeypox cases in the state, broken down by age group, gender, ethnicity, race, and public health district.

One of the best ways to prevent the spread of monkeypox is through educating people on how to identify monkeypox symptoms so they can avoid exposure to the virus or stay home if they think they are infected

Avoid direct skin-to-skin contact with broken skin and rashes. During interactions with caregivers, appropriate source control is well in place if children over 2 years of age are suffering from monkeypox