Look: NBA World Reacts To The Malika Andrews News

The past few days have not been kind to ESPN host Malaika Andrews as she deals with the onslaught of trolls on social media.

It all started earlier this week when she called out Stephen A. Smith for his comments in the aftermath of the Ime Udoka scandal.

"Stephen A, with all due respect, it's not about pointing fingers. Wait," Andrews said at the time.

Well, a few days later and fans are still giving him a tough time on social media. Apparently they are not happy with his treatment of former NBA players.

However, others are not sure why Andrews is being dragged on social media.

"So if I have that right. Stephen A had a serious look who ignored important information.

She was called upon by Malika Andrews and essentially asked a woman to know her place as the topic was the dynamics of power in the workplace.