Truss wins Tory leadership race and faces daunting challenges as PM

Liz Truss named next Prime Minister of UK beating Rishi Sunak to replace Boris Johnson

What Liz Truss faces in her first hours and days as UK Prime Minister, from nuclear orders to living plans

Liz Truss will become the country’s third female prime minister after securing victory in the Tory leadership contest.

Truss may want to brush up on after beating Rishi Sunak in the Conservative leadership contest on Monday by 81,326 party members’ votes to 60,399.

She won by a significant margin, but the 57% victory over Mr Sunak’s 43% was slimmer than in other recent contests.

Ms Truss thanked her “friend” Boris Johnson, who will depart No 10 on Tuesday.

Truss’s flight to Balmoral will be very different to Clement Attlee’s journey for his appointment in 1945.