Yellowstone fans are demanding after Luke Grimes shocking confirmation

Attention Yellowstone fans, Luke Grimes just cleared the air about his social media presence ahead of the season 5 premiere.

As the Paramount Network hit gets ready to return on November 13, people are wondering more than ever what Luke has been up to when he’s not playing Kayce Dutton. Well, it looks like fans are about to get a new look at the actor’s life outside of the ranch, thanks to his latest commitment to sharing tidbits on Instagram.

“Hi, this is Luke,” he wrote in an Oct. 20 post. “Yes this is actually my Instagram and I know I’m very late to the party. Better late than never? I’ll check in occasionally with updates etc but I promise to keep the selfies to a minimum. Much love. More soon.”

Since Luke generally prefers to keep his personal life out of the spotlight, news of him being on social media threw established Yellowstone viewers for a loop. What’s more, when people reacted to the actor’s photo, many were vocal about how he should interact on the platform.

“BUT WE ALL WANT SELFIES,” one person wrote in the comments section. “Selfies are great – include them with your beautiful wife!” another added, referring to Luke’s wife, Bianca Rodriguez. “I enjoy seeing your face more,” said another fan.

What’s more, some didn’t hesitate to share messages with him from his official Instagram debut to the show. “Welcome to the party ,” a follower commented. “Can’t wait to see more Yellowstone and what music you bring us,” someone else chimed in. “Our king” joked another.

While Luke is getting a lot of attention for his current TV work, he has also been involved in other projects. In September, the Ohio native shared that he would be playing a set of original country songs at Stagecoach on April 30. Just a few weeks later, he revealed to the New York Post that he had also signed a record deal.

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