Yellowstone Nowhere Fixing Its Mistakes, With All Lights on Beth Again


It seems fans are counting down the days until their most hated character is finally killed off.

No matter how every episode of Yellowstone Season 5 has been pitting everyone against Beth, the show has once again devoted almost an entire episode to the femme fatale character.

Almost all of the action in Episode 5,

which premieres this Sunday, is set within the farm, and Beth is once again the focal point of the story. Beth is living in her past, even though her husband Rip assures her that he only thinks about today and tomorrow, not tomorrow.

Then, the Beth haters had to endure the “serious” scene of Beth and Summer fighting, only for it all to turn into an awkward family dinner that John insisted on.

Many noted that the show keeps repeating the same mistakes, turning another episode into an “Ode to Beth”.

Redditor Friendly said,

“Not every episode needs to be some creepy homage to Beth. And the scene where she goes into a pouty tantrum with Rip was just painfully dumb. Hopefully, the next episode goes cowboy camping.” goes.” will be taken care of.”

Fans were disappointed by Yellowstone’s reluctance to move away from Beth, saying that the show also fails to properly develop the other characters. For example, Summer “could have been written so much better” if Yellowstone had not resorted to portraying her as a “conservative environmental hippie that everyone wants to punch”.

Two Characters Considered “Cancers” for Yellowstone: “They’re Both Disasters”

With accusations of “lazy writing” in the fandom, Yellowstone is slowly approaching the middle of its fifth season. With nine more episodes to come, there’s plenty of time for the show to pivot from Beth, although currently, it looks like the writers don’t really want to do that.

New episodes premiere every Sunday. It’s unclear whether season 5 will be the last for Yellowstone or if Paramount Network will greenlight the show for more seasons.


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