Yellowstone Season 5 Premiere Review: The More Things Change


four years since its premiere, Taylor Sheridan’s Yellowstone has become an entity unto itself, a hit series that not only spawned a successful spinoff from the year 1883, but a verifiable television universe now a sequel show. Is. , with 1923, the next coming month. Like the fictional family whose domain is present in significant areas of Montana, the Sheridans have cemented an actual TV empire that belies the likes of Succession, Dallas, House of the Dragon, or any other series you can name. revolves around the dynasty.

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It would be fair to speculate that adding Dutton-centric storylines to the pile could adversely affect the flagship show – and when it comes to expanding on the Sheridan-produced home, quantity may not equal quality.

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To further that point, Yellowstone’s last season was a narrative mess, gathering dust from the explosive cliffhanger of the Season 3 finale in a way that felt like the series was confined to its next daring decision. With its upcoming fifth season, Yellowstone could either be poised to seriously shake things up or keep going at the same pace — and the two-episode premiere is filled with potential for either direction.

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Season 5 of Yellowstone begins with John Dutton (Kevin Costner) in the highest position of power – the family patriarch and ranch owner – being elected governor of Montana, but as we have already seen, it Primarily a malicious chess move designed to discredit. Adopted son Jamie (Wes Bentley) in the name of his political aspirations and alleged crimes.

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The irony of the situation is that John doesn’t even want to be governor, and if the show’s trajectory to date has proven anything, it’s that he doesn’t have the patience to play the game he needs to. Dubbing itself as the rock against which progress used to hurl itself, it was much more than a clever metaphor. John chooses to make decisions during his first weeks in office that not only betray his thrashing under the yoke of the new authority but demonstrate that his intentions are not democratic at all; Not only does he swiftly sack his appointed chief of staff and promote daughter Beth (Kelly Reilly) in her place, he also cancels several pre-scheduled appearances on grounds of personal gain.

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It’s a testament to Costner’s performance in this role that John may still be a compelling character on screen, but his worst feature — his stubbornness — is how believable he is. It’s a quality that his on-again, off-again love interest and outgoing governor Lynelle Perry (Wendy Moniz) calls out to him. Voters may have rallied behind him to protect Montana from outsiders, particularly with the intention of unloading market shares like Yellowstone’s Dutton Ranch, but that doesn’t mean John isn’t the top spot in the state. . , Will stay, He can run, He does his homework.

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Seasons betters itself by surrounding the new governor with voices that are informed enough to point out the risks in making their decisions, even if John only speaks for a moment. , would entertain him, before what he had been planning from the very beginning. Meanwhile, the family’s choice to bring Jamie back into a state of blackmailing — creating an even more tense situation — lends itself to some of the most dynamic scenes in the Season 5 premiere, which also featured Jamie-Beth face-off. is included. Also included – it reminds you how cool you are when Bentley and Reilly are alone in the room together.

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