‘Yellowstone’ season 5 trailer breakdown: First look at John Dutton


In its fourth season, Taylor Sheridan’s neo-Western series Yellowstone attracted an average of nearly 9 million viewers per episode on the Paramount network, proving that it is as much a force as the dramatic family it focuses on. . With the recent release of the Season 5 trailer, it appears that the show has no intention of slowing down.

Let’s break down the threads of the story that the trailer confirmed, but also gave us some important pointers, and what it could mean for our family of anti-heroes.

John sworn in as governor of Montana

In the last few episodes of season four, we didn’t hear much about the governor’s expectations of the Dutton patriarch, John (Kevin Costner). In one of the more memorable moments, John once again pulls the rug from under his adopted son, Jamie (Wes Bentley), breaking Jamie’s fragile heart once again. After that the future of John’s political career remained open.

In the first seconds of the trailer, we see that John has actually won the election and becomes governor of Montana, as he is being sworn in along with Jamie and daughter Beth (Kelly Reilly). It doesn’t look like the show is going to waste any time on the actual campaign. There is a short clip of Jamie standing as a campaign office bearer, with his father’s election sign behind him, and a victory troupe on television over his shoulder. These clips could be a quick glimpse of how the first episode opens, closing it with the rest of the episode with John’s victory, after which his tenure as governor is about to shake things up.

In one of the trailer’s most impressive scenes, John can be seen walking down a hallway, looking professional in his black outfit, with Beth to his left and former governor and occasional boyfriend, Lynelle Perry (Wendy Moniz). is with. ) is on the right. With two of the strongest women in his life, it’s no surprise that John won the election.

In perhaps a welcome change from the constant tension between Jamie and Beth, we see the two perhaps on the same page, as Jamie is seen advising both Beth and her adoptive father on dirty political games. It may as always be an uneasy peace between Jamie and the pure-blooded Dutton, but for now it looks like Jamie has accepted his new fate, and is once again in John’s pocket.

We also get a glimpse of how quickly John will manipulate his new position, as shown in the trailer by slamming a large conference table with his fist and announcing that all current employees are fired. has gone. Soon after, John is seen appointing Beth as his new Chief of Staff. Considering how often Beth has been a family pitbull, when it comes to her brutal business endeavors, the power behind the throne just got a little overpowered.

Enemies, old and new

When John is sworn in, there’s a fine line delivery by Costner, where he talks about protecting Montana from threats both “forerunner and domestic.” The metaphor is clear. By “Montana” he refers to his family, and by “foreign and domestic enemies”, he is referring to the opposing forces that often come to Dutton. It is a powerful reminder of why he took the position of governor in the first place to protect his way of life and Yellowstone ranch. The trailer edits in two quick shots of some familiar foes, Caroline Warner (Jackie Weaver) and Thomas Rainwater (Gil Birmingham).

Rainwater, often an uneasy ally of Dutton, apparently does business with the new governor, as she overhears John saying, “We need to talk.” The two are seen outside in a fairly private setting, which can only mean that what they are about to discuss is not above board (as is often the case within the show).

Warner, that little bastion of abuse and anger, is fueled even more by Duttons than last season, as he has few choice words about him. What’s most notable about the trailer in terms of this subplot isn’t that Warner now has a pitbull of his own. Newcomer Don Olivieri (who has previously worked with Sheridan) plays Sarah Atwood, clearly a corporate ringer, as Warner is seen ordering her to “ruin” Dutton, notably Asking him to go after Beth. Maybe Beth has finally found her equal.


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