Yellowstone Season 6: Everything We Know About the Dutton Family


Yellowstone Season 5 is off to a bad start, but if you thought that would stop me from thinking about Season 6, you’d be very wrong. And can you really blame me? Who wouldn’t want to know if fans are getting episodes filled with beautiful Montana scenery, hot ranchers riding horses, and of course, Dutton family drama.

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Clearly the fifth season isn’t going to end for a while, so there’s still a lot about Season 6 that we won’t know for sure. Will this stop us from speculating? no at all! By the time Yellowstone Season 6 rolls around, that’s all we know about it.

First of all, is Yellowstone getting a season 6?

I hate to say it, but as of November 2020, there has been no announcement for a sixth season. But that doesn’t mean we still need to panic. Paramount has been tight-lipped when it comes to renewals, so far no renewals have been made. Has not been declared.

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The show is hugely popular and looks like its viewership is on the rise, so as long as season 5 keeps viewership high, a cancellation is unlikely. Plus, Paramount gave season 5 more episodes than Yellowstone season one, and they’re working on their second Yellowstone prequel, 1923, which comes out in December 2022.

Which cast members will return for Season 6?

Obviously we’d love to see all our favorites like Kevin Costner (John), Luke Grimes (Kayce), Kelly Reilly (Beth), Wes Bentley (Jamie), Cole Hauser (Rip) and Kelsey Asbille (Monica) back. our screens, but since we don’t know how Season 5 ends, it’s hard to say.

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Yellowstone is no stranger to killing off characters, and the Season 5 premiere opened with a very shocking death. With rumors of Rip or Jon being killed off in upcoming episodes, Season 6 could look a little different. Co-creator Taylor Sheridan alluded to the impending deaths during an interview with Entertainment Tonight, saying, “If you look at everyone as chess pieces without removing the chess pieces in Season 5.” The game will end. It is impossible to continue. Looks very ominous.

What will happen in Yellowstone Season 6?

It’s hard to predict atm because we don’t know how season 5 is going to end. But if I had to guess, I’d say Season 6 will be as full of tension, drama, and cowboy hats as we’ve come to expect from any Yellowstone season.

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When will Yellowstone Season 6 come out?

November 2023 seems like a solid guess should Yellowstone get a Season 6 renewal around the Season 5 finale (like last season). One season has appeared every year since 2018, with the last two seasons premiering in the first half of November. But with Season 5 having 14 episodes (four more than a normal season) it is very possible that it will move the production/release schedule and we may end up with a later premiere date.


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